A picture tells a thousand words, so have your say.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the rules for Posters. 

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2024 Poster Titles:

  • Natural History Illustration (hand drawn only)
  • Microplastics
  • Aquaculture
  • Women in Science
  • The World of Pollinators
  • Data as art
  • Chemical Changes
  • Species Survival

Key Dates

Tuesday 30 July - project delivered onsite

A successful Oliphant Science Awards Poster entry:

  • Has a strong science message and accurate science content.
  • Communicates a single idea clearly.
  • Shows good quality artistic skills and imagination, giving the poster visual appeal.
  • Uses minimal words (try using fewer than 25 words). The judges will favour entries that give a visual message without the use of a lot of text.
  • Can be easily read from a distance.

Rules for Posters:

  • The poster must be on one of the titles listed above. Please ensure this title is clearly identified on your entry
  • The poster must be the work of one person (no group entries or unacknowledged assistance by an adult).
  • The poster must be the student’s own work.
  • The poster must be original.
  • The poster must be on lightweight card no larger than 51 cm x 65 cm. No corflute, glass, wood or other heavy frame or backing permitted.
  • The poster must not weigh more than 200g.
  • The poster may be a collage of other pictures or made using computer assisted graphics. All images and graphics need to be attributed.
  • The poster must be flat (no three-dimensional material attached).

AI may be used for ages 13 and above with parental permission. Prompts must be identified and included on the back of the poster.

In presenting your poster entry:

  • You must securely attach your Identification Label (your Coordinator will give you this label) to the back of your entry.