• Appropriate acknowledgment of assistance. 

    The Oliphant Science Awards embraces the notion of inclusivity, which means we are committed to providing all South Australian students with the opportunity to explore, participate and engage in science.

    It is anticipated that students may receive assistance in planning and developing their projects. Each entry is to clearly identify which aspects of the project were devised and carried out by the student alone and which aspects received assistance. The type and degree of any assistance should also be clearly noted. If the details of such assistance are not clearly stated, then the judges, in judging the entry, will use their discretion and experience of working with students in making judgments.

  • It is essential that all entries are suitably packaged for delivery, and that all parts of entries are clearly marked using your registration number (see Identification Label or Cover Sheet), name and School. SASTA cannot accept responsibility for goods damaged due to inadequate packing, or for any damage, loss or theft of goods. Therefore, SASTA discourages the use of valuable materials / equipment as their safety cannot be guaranteed.

  • There will be no space to store project packaging at the new Open Day venue. We ask that projects are set up and packaging taken with you after delivery.

  • Live animals may be used in Scientific Inquiry to obtain results provided that the experiment meets with the Animal Ethics Committee requirements as they apply to schools. SASTA cannot care for live animals or plants so will not accept these as part of any entry delivered for judging.  

  • All research activities, individual or group, in the classroom or outside the classroom, must be conducted in an ethical manner. Please refer to SASTA's Ethical Conduct of Research Policy.

  • An entry will remain the property of the entrant. SASTA reserves the right, beginning with the submission of the entry and continuing until 31 December five calendar years later, to use all or a portion of the entry or images of an entry, for the publicity or promotion of SASTA or of the SASTA Oliphant Science Awards unless a patent exists or has been applied for. SASTA may also allow a sponsor to use such material for the sponsor’s promotional purposes. Where a patent exists or has been applied for, the use of the entry or images of the entry may be negotiated with the entrant.

  • By submitting your entry you agree that your entry or a copy of your entry can be used and/or displayed by SASTA to promote the Oliphant Science Awards at events, on SASTA websites and social media along with your name, school and year level, and used in part of full within the SASTA Journal or Newsletter publications.

  • Photos taken of winners may be used, without seeking further permission, by the relevant sponsors, but only in their publicity of the event.

  • SASTA shall have the right, but no obligation, to take any action it deems appropriate to prevent the misuse of an entry. Entrants and their parents and guardians may take reasonable steps or actions, as they deem appropriate to prevent misuse of a submitted entry.

  • Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information published, neither SASTA nor the sponsors may be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

  • SASTA and the sponsors reserve the right to change any awards, prizes or conditions as may in their opinion, be necessary.

  • If entries are not collected, SASTA reserves the right to courier them back to your school at your expense or dispose of them if alternative arrangements are not made. SASTA cannot store uncollected entries.

  • If you wish to submit your entry into another competition it is your responsibility to make duplicate copies.

All information and entry forms are available in PDF format and can be downloaded from the relevant sections on this website.