Posted by SASTA

on 20/07/2022

Each year we like to present some of the standout individual images entered in the photography competition (randomly chosen). Here is a small selection, all of which came from projects that received either awards or which came highly commended. Perhaps this helps you with your projects.

BW OSAImage1

Photographer: Priti Jivtani, Eman Alaboody, Tahira Rezayee
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Year 9-10
Oliphant Coordinator: Caroline Beekman

"Local Habitats: Springbank Boulevard Reserve Wetlands"

Wetlands are often seen during the daytime, but
in this photo, we can marvel at the magnificence
of the plants and vibrant environment at sunset.
Wetlands absorb pollutants, sustain water
quality, filter nutrients, and provide habitats for a
range of wildlife species such as the Grey Teal
and Swamphen. Local wetlands encapsulate
a vast variety of plants and organisms
which stimulate natural cycles and support


BW OSAImage2

Photographer: Isla Balestrin
Wilderness School, Year 5-6
Oliphant Coordinator: Simone Burzacott-Gorman


"Isla’s Hidden Worlds: Rose (Rosa)"

The cross-section of the rosebud shows us an amazing
number of layers of petals. The stamens and ovary can also
be seen. These hidden parts of the rose flower can not be
seen even once the flower has bloomed. Bees need to be
able to get all the way down to the stamens to collect the


BW OSAImage3

Photographer: Omar Haider
Pedare Christian College, Year 9-10
Oliphant Coordinator: Samantha Ireland

"Hidden World"
I believe wildlife photography should tell a story.
You have to develop a narrative around the subject.
It is a persistent process of imagining positioning,
surroundings, and angles that would highlight its
specific features. At times you even have to facilitate
the story by baiting or luring the subject to behave as
required. You have to think yourself as the subject,
anticipate its moves, and be patient. You may have
to wait for weeks and hundreds of clicks to get that
one treasured photograph. If you act passively around
wildlife, you may be surprised to find out that they are
good at modelling and love to be photographed.


BW OSAImage4

Photographer: Joshua Clothier
Immanuel Primary School, Year 5-6
Oliphant Coordinator: Gawain Duncan

"Hidden Worlds – the secret life of fungi in Kuitpo Forrest"

Some fungi form a partnership with
trees and other plants. The fungi collects
nutrients and water from the soil and
passes them to the roots. The plants then
give the fungi energy giving sugars.


BW OSAImage5

Photographer: Kasimir Kellermann Williams
Glenunga International High School
Oliphant Coordinator: Matthew Maciunas

"The Hidden World"
Generally overlooked, small creatures find
refuge in many different locations throughout
our environment. In the sandy soil within the
Deep Creek Conservation Park, many ants
have intricate borrows with a plethora of
entries and exits. This particular ant appeared
to have a role as guarding the entryway and
carefully observed every move I made.