2020 Scientific Inquiry Prize Winners

Proudly sponsored by the University of South Australia


*Please note this list is not indicative of place winners, entries have been listed in alphabetical order. Prize winners will find out the outcome of their entry at the Presentation Ceremony.

Prize Winners

Highly Commended / Encouragement Awards

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R-2 Prize Winners

Charlotte Atkinson

Virginia Primary School

Project: Does exercise make my body warm up?

Hamish Buttfield

Norwood Primary School

Project: What do other people feel about the coronavirus?

Liam Hooper

Immanuel Primary School

Project: Understanding Beyblades

3-4 Prize Winners

Abigail Atkinson

Virginia Primary School

Project: Rat Race Investigation

Arjun Betti

Norwood Primary School

Project: Can you grow plants using recycled water from washing machines?

Connor Wallace

Scotch College

Project: Helping Our Creek

5-6 Prize Winners

Eugene Lee

Pedare Christian College

Project: Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC)

Cristina Parletto

Walford Anglican School for Girls

Project: The effect of nuclear radiation on plant growth

Priyanka Thavarajah

Seymour College

Project: Does increasing the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere cause it to warm?

7-8 Prize Winners

Emily Estcourt Hughes

Walford Anglican School for Girls

Project: Mining water on Mars for sustainable human colonisation

Sienna Hill

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College

Project: Starch Hydrolysis by Amylase and Detergent

Shanza Ismail

Norwood Primary School

Project: The Quality of Drinking Water in South Australian Public Playgrounds

9-10 Prize Winners

Sohana Pasula

Emmaus Christian College

Project: To investigate the effect different dish soaps and fruits on the extraction of DNA

Prathicksha Venkatesan

Walford Anglican School for Girls

Project: The effect of Curcumin and Bacteriophage on Multi-drug resistant bacteria

Inika Weber & Trishna Ramkumar

Wilderness School

Project: What is the Best Germination Method for Senecio macrocarpus?

11-12 Prize Winners

Isabelle Lilburn

Loreto College

Project: Is the central route of persuasion more effective at changing at individual's attitude towards tobacco than the persuasive route?

Raihanah Pranggono

Glenunga International High School

Project: Investigating the Effects of Disaccharides and Monosaccharides on the Rate of Respiration in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Yu (Amy) Shi

Glenunga International High School

Project: Particulate black carbon and its contribution to the urban heat island effect

2020 Scientific Inquiry Highly Commended / Encouragement Awards

3-4 Highly Commended

Jacob Brumby

Stirling East Primary School

Project: What happens to the height of the bounce of a basketball when you change the temperature of the ball?

Dayan Govender

St Andrew's School

Project: Airflow over an aircraft wing

7-8 Encouragement Award

Angela Leydon

Concordia College

Project: Effect of SPF50+ sunscreen under different temperatures

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