2020 Computer Programming, Apps & Robotics Prize Winners

*Please note this list is not indicative of place winners, entries have been listed in alphabetical order. Prize winners will find out the outcome of their entry at the Presentation Ceremony.

Prize Winners

Highly Commended / Encouragement Awards

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R - 2 Prize Winners

0018 013 Everett (photo 1)Lachlan Everett

Annesley Junior School

Project: Blinky the Teeth Cleaning Robot

0680 004 Sardana (photo 1)Nivaan Sardana

St Peter's College

Project: Innovative Lego Robotics Model

0680 037 Wang (photo 1)Eric Wang

St Peter's College

Project: Mindstorms

View written report [PDF 8.6MB]

0680 037 Wang (photo 1)

See the robot in action!

3 - 4 Prize Winners

0640 012 Burford (photo 1)Jackson Burford

St John's Grammar School - Junior School

Project: Hidden Waves - Doppler Shift Simulator 

View the written report [PDF 530KB]

0640 012 Burford (photo 1)

See the project in action!

0560 049 Cavagnaro (photo 1)Amelia Cavagnaro

Rose Park Primary School

Project: A-BOT to the rescue

View the written report [PDF 661KB]

0560 049 Cavagnaro (photo 1)

See the project in action!

0560 017 Prabhu (photo 1)Siddharth Prabhu & Anas Qureshi

Rose Park Primary School

Project: SAN the Chatbot

5 - 6 Prize Winners

0358 021 Adiga (photo 1)Rashmi Adiga

Mawson Lakes School

Project: Solar System Simulation

0615 003 CamilleriCarter Camilleri & Sethanial Jimenea

St Augustine's Parish School

Project: Waste

0690 069 Hoendervanger (photo 1)Blake Hoendervanger

St Thomas School

Project: Robotic Hand 

View the written report [PDF 555KB]

0690 069 Hoendervanger (photo 1)

0690 069 Hoendervanger (photo 2)

See the project in action!

0105 022 Mitchell (photo 1)Sien Mitchell

Colonel Light Gardens Primary School

Project: Earthquake Alert

7 - 8 Prize Winners

0206 011 Cartledge (photo 2)Joshua Cartledge

Glenunga International High School

Project: Rainwater Tank Monitor (RTM)

0107 002 Mulders (photo 1)Luke Mulders

Concordia College

Project: Simulating Ecosystems

0024 003 Weaver (photo 1)Sam Weavers

Adelaide Botanic High School

Project: A Day in the Life of a Virus

9 - 10 Prize Winners 

0725 001 Cyril (photo 2)Paul Cyril & Lachlan Blake

The Heights School

Project: An Arduino based turbidity monitor for water quality

Lachlan Miegel & Blake Tourneur

St John's Grammar School - Senior School

Project: HydroSoil



0206 042 Wegener (photo 1)Sophie Wegener

Glenunga International High School

Project: Dichotomous-key classification game

2020 Computer Programming, Apps & Robotics Highly Commended / Encouragement Awards

3 - 4 Highly Commended

0250 052 Deng (photo 1)Patrick Deng & Monica Deng

Highgate School

Project: Object detecting

0486 004 Kent (photo 1)Louis Kent

Pembroke School

Project: Gravity & Wind

5 - 6 Highly Commended

0529 042 Ayres (photo 1)Penny Ayres

Immanuel Primary School

Project: Light tree

View the written report [PDF 529KB]

0529 042 Ayres (photo 1)

See the project in action!

0597 009 Dissanayake (photo 1)Saheli Dissanayake

Seymour College

Project: Can you be a victim of Alzheimer's disease

0358 001 Neelam (photo 2)Krishna Neelam

Mawson Lakes School

Project: Moon Miner

7 - 8 Encouragement Award

0526 002 Tang (photo 1)Caleb Tang

Prince Alfred College

Project: Firetruck

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