Posted by Oliphant Science Awards

on 12/07/2023

Lila and Lara, Wilderness School

Check out the video Lila & Lara created to share their Oliphant Science Awards experience with you:

We love science because you can experiment, test ideas and learn from you mistakes. Science is useful, for example it’s used in cooking and sports. We love learning about science in nature, and the planet and the stars.

Tips for the photography category

  • Always have a camera on you. You can use an adult’s phone; we used our parent’s.
  • Be aware and open-minded, you may encounter an opportunity at any time.
  • Take lots of photographs and pick the best.

Our suggestions

  • Look at the OSA website.
  • Pick something you like.
  • Plan before you start.


  • Books and internet
  • Parents and teachers
  • Take inspiration from everyday activities.

We think OSA is fun because we get to

  • Learn outside of school.
  • Work with our friends
  • Enjoy seeing other children’s projects.

Have a go! You’ll love it!

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