Posted by Oliphant Science Awards

on 05/07/2023

Ashleigh Fourie, Southern Vales Christian College – Morphett Vale

OSA past projects and the steps to achieving it

My first time presenting an Oliphant science project without a group / partner was last year and it was on the topic of creating Energy Transformation. I really enjoyed the process of creating and researching about my topic, after I had completed my model I noticed I was a lot more interested in science and as a result I am creating another model this year.

While I was completing my project some of the steps I took were

  • Finding a topic that could be displayed as a model and that I found interesting (5 days)
  • Researching about the topic and thinking about how I could improve the idea (3 weeks)
  • Planning the creation of my model carefully to avoid errors (2 days)
  • Creating my model (15 days)

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My passions / interests in Science

Some of my passions include finding a way to help people with a new invention or researching about how people completed tasks before electronics was invented and recreating something that helped them finish their task. For example heating up food without a microwave, which I presented last year with kinetic energy. I also enjoy learning about how electronics and about how sound frequencies work.

My 3 tips on creating a project

Some of my tips include

  • Find a topic you are interested in as this will result in a better quality of project as you are more likely to enjoy the experience of an Oliphant science project.
  • While creating your project don’t be scared to ask for help, although it is your project you are not in this alone
  • Be set on an idea before starting as changing your idea multiple times may stress you out.

What I like about the Oliphant Science Program

  • I was not pressured into doing a certain idea, I had a variety of topics to choose from such as models, stories, crystal investigation and even apps and programs.
  • I also really enjoyed how me and all students had enough time to complete our projects without being stressed about running out of time.
  • The experience was fun and enjoyable while I was still learning new information.