Posted by Oliphant Science Awards

on 01/04/2021

by Asira Suetrong

Are you stuck on how to start your Multimedia Project? Asira provides some insights into her process for researching accurate information and tips & tricks for script writing in the video below. 

Firstly, check the category details (this applies to all categories)! Some important things to keep in mind for Multimedia:

  • Accurate science content
  • Impacts viewers while clearly communicating scientific ideas
  • Shows creativity and resourcefulness
  • Good technique and quality

You have flexibility to choose your own topic for your Multimedia project so choose something you're interested in, which makes the research fun!

Next, begin your research. Use a variety of sources, preferably from established institutions. Reference as you go. And make dot points from your research to help you create your script.

Now it's time to write your script! Make sure you are concise and clear. The structure of your script is similar to an essay: 

  • Introduction - introduce topic and elaborate a little (no longer than 30 seconds)
  • Body - be clear and concise (this is the largest portion of your video)
  • Conclusion - neatly wrap up the video, perhaps introduce a question or link back to why your topic is important (no longer than 30 seconds)

Your script will also be helpful when it comes time to write your report. 

The next step is animation! Stay tuned for Asira's next video for more information on this process.