Games are fun to play and fun to make, but they can have a serious point too. Create some fun and tell the world about science by making an award-winning game.

Both electronic and board games will be accepted in this category!

A successful Oliphant Science Awards Games entry:

  • Is original, visually appealing, interesting and fun to play.
  • Will have accurate scientific content.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the rules for Games. 

Click here to download a copy of the judging rubric.

  • Will involve players in learning about the scientific content, not just winning by chance or good luck.

Rules for Games:

  • A group of up to 3 students can complete a Games entry. The highest year level in the group will determine the year category of the entry.
  • The game must be the student’s own work.
  • The rules of the game must be clear and easy to follow.
  • You must identify the age group the game is intended for.
  • Your board game must be no larger than 60cm x 40cm x 20cm high (this includes any packaging) and must weigh less than 8kg, including the box.
  • Your electronic game must be presented on a platform that is accessible by all digital devices (PC and Mac and/or Android and/or iOS) with your cover sheet and any physical parts of the game submitted as per instructions below. 

In presenting your Games entry:

  • You must package your game in a strong box, making sure to strictly adhere to the dimensions above.
  • You must clearly label all the parts of your game, because parts may become separated when the judges play your game or during transport.
  • You must securely attach your Identification Label (your Coordinator will give you this label) to the outside of the box
  • Students are asked to consider recording a short video of their game being played to support their submission. This could be uploaded as an unlisted video on Youtube and shared via URL or QR code on your instructions.
  • Presenting Electronic Games: You will need to attach your ID label on an instruction sheet with details about how to access and play your game. If your game is online don’t forget to include the URL or QR Code link!
  • Electronic games and supporting videos may be uploaded to the Oliphant Science Awards website between 25-29 July 2022. Details can be found here.