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Inspiration for your Science Writing project!

Posted by Oliphant Science Awards

on 23/06/2020

Are you looking for a starting point for your Science Writing project?

First of all have you chosen your title? Don't forget you can only write on one of the titles listed below:

  • Climate Change; The Way Forward?
  • Hidden Waves
  • Does Radiation make Superheroes?
  • Living on Mars
  • Deep Blue: Innovations for the future of our oceans
  • Science as a Human Endeavour (YEAR 11-12 LEVEL ONLY)

Secondly, check the rules for Science Writing entries here. Make sure your entry doesn't exceed the word limit for your age group!

So, now that you've chosen your topic and know the rules, what about some inspiration? You can check out some of the winning entries from previous years below!

R-2 - Ivan Zhiren Leong - 'Needs of Living Things'

3-5 - Annika Ganesh - 'The Devil You Don't Know - Species Variation! The Science of Biodiversity'

6-7 - Sophia Tian - 'Meeting Future Energy Needs'

8 - Gunin Singhal - 'From Alchemy to Chemistry: The development of the periodic table'

9-10 - Taehan Lim - 'Batteries of the future'

11-12 - Alexandra Stephenson - 'From Space to Rooftop: The Story of Solar Cells'

Ivan Zhiren, Taehan & Alexandra also won a Sponsor Prize from the Australian Institute of Energy for the best entry in their year level with a sustainable generation and uses of energy theme. 

And lastly, when it comes time to submit your project online make sure your cover sheet is attached and it is submitted either as a PDF or Word Document. 

Good luck!

Science Writing is proudly sponsored by the Australian Institute of Energy

Australian Institute of Energy

Hints and tips for creating a great OSA Scientific Inquiry project

Posted by Oliphant Science Awards

on 18/06/2020

This week we have a great resource for those creating a Scientific Inquiry project in the Oliphant Science Awards, from Ms. Alexandra Stephenson (2016 Oliphant Trophy Winner)! In 2016, Alexandra wowed the judges with her Scientific Inquiry - Vibration Damping on the Cello by Cello Mutes! She also has been...

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Oliphant Science Awards 2019 Trophy Winning Project Video

Posted by Oliphant Science Awards

on 11/06/2020

The 2019 Oliphant Science Awards Trophy went to Ms. Phoebe Wood from Upper Sturt Primary School for her incredible Model & Invention of Anchiornis huxleyi. So SASTA has asked her to make a video of it, not only to inspire those budding young scientists but to provide some ideas of...

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How to CRUISE Through the SASTA Oliphant Science Awards

Posted by Oliphant Science Awards

on 01/06/2020

If you are making a Games Project this is the Guide for you! However the concepts, project planning and tips in this guide can of course be applied to most Oliphant Science Awards Projects! Past Oliphant Science Awards Trophy Winner and all around Oliphant legend Ms Amber Washington has created...

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Video Entry Hints & Tips Video

Posted by Oliphant Science Awards

on 27/04/2020

Have you considered adding video content to your Oliphant Science Awards Submission? While videos are a popular project choice for the Multimedia category, short videos can also be a great way to record and showcase other project submissions with the judges - especially for country/remote students. Here are just a...

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