Register your interest in being involved in judging in 2019!

We welcome all teachers including; pre-service, TRT or retired teachers and science industry professionals to consider becoming an Oliphant Science Awards judge! 

This competition gives judges an opportunity to view a broad range of projects from around the state. Judges can particpate either in their own home or school (Offsite Categories such as Science Writing, Scientific Inquiry, Multimedia or R-7 Games) or at a dedicated Judging Day (Computer Programming & Robotics or On-Site Categories such as Crystal Investigation, Photography, Posters, Models & Inventions or 8-12 Games).

Judges usually work as part of a judging team therefore allowing opportunities to network, gain ideas and inspiration. All judges will also receive a Professional Development Certificate for three hours per category worked on as a judge.

Have you considered your science faculty becoming involved in judging this year? 
Find out some of the benefits from previous judges below: 

  • It enables collaboration with a colleague in the judging process. It is often helpful to use discussion to clarify your thoughts when judging an entry.

  • Allows staff not familiar with the Oliphant Science Awards to be involved, and hopefully encourage them to promote future student entries within your school.

  • In larger categories, it is far more effective to be working with others to streamline the judging process.

  • Acts as a positive professional development activity with a whole faculty. Allows staff to see what students from other schools might be doing and therefore generated ideas for their own site.

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Judging Preferences

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Please note the following dates when making your selections;
OFFSITE PROJECTS: Multimedia, Games (only R-7), Scientific Inquiry and Science Writing are to be judged between 18 July - 16 August 2019. Entries are all collected by SASTA - Multimedia, Scientific Inquiry and Science Writing entries will be sent via email. Games (R-7) entries will be sent via courier.
COMPUTER PROGRAMMING & ROBOTIC PROJECTS: will be judged on Saturday 10 August 2019 at a venue TBA (Light Refreshments provided).
ONSITE PROJECTS: Crystal Investigation, Models & Inventions, Games (only 8-12), Posters and Photography are to be judged on Saturday 24 August 2019, between 9:00 – 1:00pm - at Festival Functions (Light Refreshments provided).

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