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Please find below information and helpful downloads for all our Oliphant Science Awards Coordinators to share with their staff and participants!


Key Dates 2020


  • Look at Information at the Oliphant Science Awards website, distribute Student Information, Category Information and Rules to students.


  • Distribute Registration Forms - Negotiate a date with your students to return their Student Registration Form with enough time to complete your online registrations before the closing date (we would recommend giving students 28 May as the return deadline)
  • Thursday 4 June - Registrations to be completed & entered online; we recommend that you keep a copy of the forms for your records (SASTA does not require any copies unless specifically requested).
  • Friday 5 June - Judges Registrations closing date .
  • Thursday 2 July  - Wednesday 22 July - Science Writing, Scientific Inquiry and Multimedia MUST be submitted online. We are also asking all Computer Programming, Apps and Robotics REPORTS ONLY to also be submitted online during this time. Please ensure Electronic Cover Sheets are submitted with each entry (these can be downloaded by Coordinators via their Coordinators Login).


  • From Thursday 30 July - Round 1 Judging: Electronic Entries (Science Writing, Scientific Inquiry and Multimedia) sent out to judges. These must be judged and returned to SASTA by Thursday 13 August
  • Saturday 8 August - Round 2 Judging: Computer Programming, Apps & Robotics entries are judged (location TBA) between 9am - 1pm. Students will need to book an appointment time online in late July/early August.
  • Thursday 20 August, 9.00am - 5.00pm - Crystal Investigation, Models & Inventions, Games, Photography and Posters are due at Festival Functions - 292 Findon Road, Findon. Ensure Identification Labels are firmly and clearly attached to each entry.
  • Saturday 22 August - Round 3 Judging: Final Judging from 9.00am at Festival Functions (292 Findon Road, Findon)
  • Sunday 23 August - Open Day Exhibition at Festival Functions (292 Findon Road, Findon) | 12noon - 4.00pm - Gold Coin Donation admission, everyone is welcome
  • Monday 24 August - Collection of ALL PROJECTS from Festival Functions (292 Findon Road, Findon) |  9.00am - 5.00pm Please see Conditions of Entry for detailed information regarding our procedures with any uncollected entries.
  • Friday 18 September - Presentation Ceremony (Invitation Only). The Presentation Ceremony will be held Years R - 7, 6.30pm - 7.45pm and Years 8 - 12, 8.15pm - 9.30pm (Brighton Secondary School)
  • Participation and Highly Commended Certificates will be sent to Schools. Professional Development Certificates will be sent to judges.


  • October 2020 - Early 2021 - BHP Billiton Science and Engineering Registrations and Awards for all place winners of the Models & Invention (Engineering) and Scientific Inquiry (Investigations)
  • December - Topic titles for 2021 available on the Oliphant Science Awards website (