2021 Scientific Inquiry Prize Winners

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*Please note this list is not indicative of place winners, entries have been listed in alphabetical order. Prize winners will find out the outcome of their entry at the Presentation Ceremony.

Prize Winners

Highly Commended 

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R-2 Prize Winners

Aavyaan Anand

Immanuel Primary School

Project: Effects of friction on hot wheels cars

Kabir Nanda & Rafael Tsangari

Immanuel Primary School

Project: Paper Planes

Sidney Young

St Thomas School

Project: Hot Colours - Which colour is the hottest

3-4 Prize Winners

Arjun Betti

Norwood Primary School

Project: I "bag" for your attention. Have you made the right choice for your green bin?

Zoe Dowdall

Grange Primary School

Project: Effects of Climate on Marshmallows

Jasmine Helwig

Highgate School

Project: Say Bye Bye to Weeds

Jack Williams

Immanuel Primary School

Project: Hand washing Makes a difference

5-6 Prize Winners

Rahini Phull

Highgate School

Project: The Effects of Plastic on Plants Growth

Levi Porter

Paringa Park Primary School

Project: Helium Soccer Balls

Chloe Yaan Yuit Yew

Magill School

Project: An experiment on acids and bases: investigating the effect of vinegar on egg shell

7-8 Prize Winners

Eugene Lee

Pedare Christian College

Project: The Power in Bacteria: The Microbial Fuel Cells

Darren Liu & Reuben Purcell

Pembroke School

Project: If Practical Models of Spacetime with Strings Curve the Same Way as N-dimensional Spacetime

Priyanka Thavarajah

Seymour College

Project: Ocean Acidification: Impacts of Increasing Concentrations of Dissolved Carbon Dioxide on Sea Shells

9-10 Prize Winners

Emily Estcourt-Hughes

Walford Anglican School for Girls

Project: Carbon Capture - Could This Be How We Save The Planet?

Madison Gurney-White & Sahib Kaur

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College

Project: Effectiveness of Antibacterial Agents in Hand Soaps on Microbial Growth

Sienna Hill

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College

Project: Neutralisation of Stomach Acid by Antacid Tablets

Liana Walters

Brighton Secondary School

Project: The effect of hand sanitiser on hand bacteria

11-12 Prize Winners

Samadhi Chandrasena

Glenunga International High School

Project: Investigating How an Increase in Speed Shortens the Range of a Topspin Ball, Compared to That of a No-Spin Ball, Due to Magnus Force in Table Tennis

Josephine Oehler

Seymour College

Project: Modification of chocolate chip cookies with diverticular disease - sensory appeal

Wanran Zhang

Glenunga International High School

Project: Investigation on the Effect of H2O2 (aq) and Cu(II) (aq) Concentration on the Induction Time of N-acetyl-L-cysteine-Inhibited Chemiluminescence

2021 Scientific Inquiry Highly Commended 

R-2 Highly Commended

Patrik Porter

Scotch College

Project: Bicycle Gears

3-4 Highly Commended

Abigail Atkinson

Virginia Primary School

Project: Candy Chemistry

Gihana Noordeen & Henrietta Belmont-McDonnell

Seacliff Primary School

Project: Boats and Fast Currents

5-6 Highly Commended

Shaya Ismail

Norwood Primary School

Project: Sugar and Acids! How healthy are our drinks?

11-12 Highly Commended

Dinan Perera

Prince Alfred College

Project: How the density of fluids in snow globes impact the "snowfall effect"

Elise Westrich

Glenunga International High School

Project: The Effect of Cinnamon Oil on the Germination of Triticum Seeds