2020 Multimedia Prize Winners

*Please note this list is not indicative of place winners, entries have been listed in alphabetical order. Prize winners will find out the outcome of their entry at the Presentation Ceremony.

Prize Winners

Highly Commended / Encouragement Awards

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R-2 Prize Winners

Charlotte Atkinson

Virginia Primary School

Project: Movement Magic

Mihika Gorey

Grange Primary School

Project: The Science of Dalgona Coffee

Patrik Porter

Coromandel Valley Primary School

Project: The Science of Skiing

0114 002.Porter (report)

3-4 Prize Winners

Abigail Atkinson

Virginia Primary School

Project: Rat Race - The Movie

Jasmine Helwig

Highgate School

Project: Water Cycle

Ethan Wass

Coromandel Valley Primary School

Project: Mars

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5-6 Prize Winners

Scarlett Fisher

Aldgate Primary School

Project: Bioluminescence

Priyanka Thavarajah

Seymour College

Project: What makes cakes fluffy?

7-8 Prize Winners

Johanna Manlapas

Glenunga International High School

Project: The Pendulum

Lucy Rice

Walford Anglican School for Girls

Project: Save the Bees - Addressing Declining Bee Populations

Gabrielle Yoong, Kasia Klar & Alana Kneebone

Walford Anglican School for Girls

Project: Viruses

9-10 Prize Winners

Deamanthe Kassapis

Walford Anglican School for Girls

Project: The development of a child in a womb

Asira Suetrong

Glenunga International High School

Project: The Endocrine System

Beth Worthley

Walford Anglican School for Girls

Project: What is a non-Newtonian fluid?

11-12 Prize Winners

Josephine Oehler

Seymour College

Project: Water in a Glass Test Tube - Adhesive vs Cohesive Forces

2020 Multimedia Highly Commended / Encouragement Awards

3-4 Highly Commended

Teng Shun Isaac Khoo

Highgate School

Project: Which Lego Man Will Melt First?

5-6 Highly Commended

Heidi Melegh

St Thomas School

Project: Does subliminal messaging work?

Indahla Rodosthenous, Rahini Phull & Mikaela Annicchiarico

Highgate School

Project: The science behind homemade lava lamps

Tilly Schammer

Hawthorndene Primary School

Project: Solar news report about Pluto

7-8 Encouragement Award

Jessica Humphry

Sacred Heart College

Project: Test of Pain

Caitlin Vass

Pembroke School

Project: Animal Therapy: How Animals Affect Mental Health

9-10 Encouragement Award 

Scarlett Minney & Matilda Alford

Walford Anglican School for Girls

Project: Peacock Spiders

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