2020 Models & Inventions Prize Winners

*Please note this list is not indicative of place winners, entries have been listed in alphabetical order. Prize winners will find out the outcome of their entry at the Presentation Ceremony.

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Prize Winners

Highly Commended / Encouragement Awards

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R-2 Prize Winners

(M&I) 788 043 WechalekarIsha Wechalekar, Aayana Butt & Maryam Cedra Sawad

Wilderness School

Project: Global warming and sea level rise

(M&I) 259 093 WilliamsJack Williams

Immanuel Primary School

Project: Sustainable House

(M&I) 690 010 YoungSidney Young

St Thomas School

Project: Ninja Strength

(M&I) 690 010 Young

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3-4 Prize Winners

(M&I) 611 040 StorerIlan Storer

St Andrew's School

Project: COVID 19 Anatomy of a killer virus

(M&I) 250 016 ChenWilliam Chen & Jacob Wong

Highgate School

Project: Future Tower

(M&I) 250 016 Chen 

(M&I) 547 010 JaiswalPrisha Jaiswal

Richmond Primary School

Project: Hydraulic lift

(M&I) 547 010 Jaiswal

Check out the project in action:

5-6 Prize Winners

(M&I) 447 006 IsmailShaya Ismail

Norwood Primary School

Project: Hey AI, what's this fruit?

(M&I) 809 001 LauderAislinn Lauder

Woomera Area School

Project: The evolution of the horse

(M&I) 485 001 LeeEugene Lee

Pedare Christian College

Project: Dye-sensitised solar cells

7-8 Prize Winners

(M&I) 765 088 AljawhariZeina Aljawhari

Walford Anglican School for Girls

Project: Solarspy, Solar Tracking Prototype

Winston Telfer

Lower Eyre Peninsula Home School Group

Project: The Not-so-simple (Ball) Machine

View the report here [PDF 677KB]

Check out the model in action:

(M&I) 765 079 WebbJohanna Webb

Walford Anglican School for Girls

Project: Tensegrity - Lego

(M&I) 765 079 Webb

9-10 Prize Winners

(M&I) 639 007 Barnett (2)Rowan Barnett

St John's Grammar School - Senior

Project: Why do flowers and plants close overnight?

(M&I) 639 007 Barnett (2)

(M&I) 068 015 HallLeah Hall

Brighton Secondary School

Project: Darwin's Evolutionary Model

(M&I) 526 006 NelsonRegan Nelson

Prince Alfred College

Project: The Skyhook Propulsion System (TSPS)

2020 Models & Inventions Highly Commended / Encouragement Awards

R-2 Highly Commended

(M&I) 250 062 MallettHugo Mallett, Charlie Gray & Louis McCallum

Highgate School

Project: CHL robot

(M&I) 761 015 StaszynksiAlexa Staszynski

Virginia Primary School

Project: Plant Lifecycle

(M&I) 259 091 ZoumisEliza Zoumis

Immanuel Primary School

Project: Double handed skilltester

3-4 Highly Commended

Anneliese Bowden & Lilijana Kotorac

Rose Park Primary School

Project: Model

More details to come

(M&I) 790 001 CameronBen Cameron, Heidi Travers & Evan Fleet

Williamstown Primary School

Project: Pinocchio Power

(M&I) 611 046 MatthewsOliver Matthews

St Andrew's School

Project: Model

(M&I) 611 046 Matthews

259 062 NickelsMya Nickels, Bella Mifsud & Chloe Easson

Immanuel Primary School

Project: Discover Space

259 062 Nickels

Lukas Thakore

East Marden Primary School

Project: Mr Rubbish sorter

More details to come

5-6 Highly Commended

(M&I) 117 006 AdamJosie Adam

Crafers Primary School

Project: Voice boxes

(M&I) 117 006 Adam

(M&I) 765 018 BonettIsabelle Bonett, Allegra Prince & Allegra Nottage

Walford Anglican School for Girls

Project: Model of a knee with torn ACL

(M&I) 358 032 ChousalkarDhairya Chousalkar

Mawson Lakes School

Project: Origin and evolution of coronavirus

(M&I) 690 048 DaviesLinus Davies

St Thomas School

Project: Waterspout

(M&I) 597 010 DissanayakeSaheli Dissanayake

Seymour College

Project: Bee my Chemist

(M&I) 597 010 Dissanayake

(M&I) 218 020 GoreyShamika Gorey

Grange Primary School

Project: Science of vaccines (cellular warfare)

(M&I) 755 026 HallJames Hall & Toby Dickmann

Vale Park Primary School

Project: Antopoulos

(M&I) 755 026 Hall

(M&I) 117 012 IacopettaLeonardo Iacopetta & Alex Stewart

Crafers Primary School

Project: Making a linear motor

(M&I) 117 012 Iacopetta

(M&I) 690 005 ParhamSacha Parham

St Thomas School

Project: Tapir digestive system

(M&I) 066 027 SainsburyOliver Sainsbury

Brighton Primary School

Project: Refracting telescope

(M&I) 690 003 WeeksMilla Weeks

St Thomas School

Project: The ear

(M&I) 690 003 Weeks

(M&I) 341 015 YewChloe Yew

Magill School

Project: Animal cell

(M&I) 341 015 Yew

7-8 Encouragement Award

068 001 Bruce 2Simran Bruce, Xander Neeskins & Felix Lister

Brighton Secondary School

Project: S.P.E.A.R

Oliver Fenton

Prince Alfred College

Project: Joystick Computer Mouse

(M&I) 380 003 MohaisKaitlin Mohais

Mitcham Girls High School

Project: Nuts & Bolts

(M&I) 597 015 TrottJemima Trott

Seymour College

Project: Madagascar Water Solution

9-10 Encouragement Award

(M&I) 206 119 BedfordLily Bedford & Sophie Bedford

Glenunga International High School

Project: Bacterial cell walls - Gram Positive vs Gram negative 

(M&I) 206 119 Bedford

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