A picture tells a thousand words, so have your say.

2020 Poster Titles:

  • Natural History Illustration (hand drawn only)
  • Miniature World
  • A Satellite Zoo
  • Bush Foods
  • The Science of Bushfires
  • Forces in Children’s Toys

A successful Oliphant Science Awards Poster entry:

  • Has a strong science message and accurate science content.
  • Communicates a single idea clearly.
  • Shows good quality artistic skills and imagination, giving the poster visual appeal.
  • Uses minimal words (try using fewer than 25 words). The judges will favour entries that give a visual message without the use of a lot of text.
  • Can be easily read from a distance.

Rules for Posters:

  • The poster must be on one of the titles listed above.
  • The poster must be the work of one person (No group entries or unacknowledged assistance by an adult).
  • The poster must be the student’s own work.
  • The poster must be original.
  • The poster must be on lightweight card no larger than 51 cm x 65 cm. No glass, wood or other heavy frame or backing permitted.
  • The poster must not weigh more than 200g.
  • The poster may be a collage of other pictures or made using computer assisted graphics.
  • The poster must be flat. (No three-dimensional material attached).

In presenting your poster entry:

  • You must securely attach your Identification Label (your Coordinator will give you this label) to the front of your entry.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the rules for Posters. 

Click here to download a copy of the judging rubric.