BHP Billiton Science and Engineering Awards

The BHP Billiton Science and Engineering Awards are the national finals for students entering the Scientific Inquiry (Investigations) and Models and Inventions (Engineering) categories in their state’s Science Teachers Association competition. This competition is conducted as a partnership between BHP Billiton, CSIRO and the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA). The prize winning entries in the Oliphant Science Awards Scientific Inquiry and Models and Inventions categories will automatically qualify for the national BHPB Science and Engineering Awards.

A total of 26 national finalists, 16 in Investigations (Scientific Inquiry) and 10 in Engineering (Models and Inventions) will be selected to attend a four day (three nights) camp and presentation event held in Melbourne in February 2018. Travel, accommodation and food costs will be covered for participants. From these 26 students, a small number will be offered a trip to the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in USA in May. A BHP Billiton Science Awards teacher winner and a CSIRO representative will accompany these students. In addition to the winning entries there are also a large number of other prizes and awards provided through the BHPB Science and Engineering Awards, as detailed below.

There is no extra charge for entry into the BHP Billiton Science Awards however Oliphant Students will be required to complete a registration form

The finalists will be required to prepare a science fair exhibit. The students will be provided with clear guidelines to achieve this. The finalists will bring their exhibits to the Awards where they will be presented to the judges and displayed in a public venue.

The prizes:
Place Prize value
Up to 90 Primary encouragement packs (value approx) $75
Up to 8 Primary Winners $250
Up to 100 Semi Finalists $100
20 Finalists $250
Third Place $1500
Second Place $3000
Winner $4000


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